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Welcome to the Polyamory Media Association

We began in 2008 to help the media for print, radio, film, television and internet find polyamorous people who were willing and interested in participating in media events, such as news articles, interviews, talk shows, documentaries, and more! We could get the media in contact with those specific types of people being focused on in time for those important deadlines. We also offered resources to average poly folk to help prepare for media coverage, including how to make sure everyone is treated fairly. We maintained a database of qualified public speakers for lectures and workshops for colleges, churches, conventions, and any organization who was interested in education about polyamory in the form of lectures, panels, and workshops. We helped researchers gather people for surveys and studies about alternative sexualities. We worked with folks who practice polyamory, responsible non-monogamy, open marriages, open relationships, triads, quads, networks, tribes, swingers, and those who don't choose any label but prefer a nontraditional relationship style.

But in 2013, we decided that the poly community and the media were ready to work together on their own. More and more poly folk were becoming media savvy and more and more media were becoming aware of polyamory and poly communities and so did not need to come here to find respondents.

But don't worry, all our resources are not gone completely! If you are venturing into the world of Media Spokespeople and would like some of the training that PMA has previously offered, our director, Joreth, will continue to make herself available on a one-on-one basis to guide you through your media journeys. You can still take advantage of our training guides to help you learn how to screen the media, how to craft your Public Persona, how to develop soundbites, how to dress for an interview, and even how to improve your public speaking for lectures and workshops.

In fact, Joreth is available to come to your conference or community to provide a group Media Training workshop!

If you are a member of the media who would still like some assistance locating respondents or drumming up viewers for your media event, you can contact the following community leaders who have always done such a terrific job of helping the media and the poly community connect:

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